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Enjoy living your life
as your own hero.

 You are the only one.


Learning salon,
not cram school

SELF supports the Student Agency.

It is a learning place to improve one's ability

for independent living.

Our Vision

Educate students to think and act independently in life in the uncertain world.

Our Value

  • We aim for students to learn deeply through their output.

  • We guide students to think about what they are learning for so that they can continue to learn independently.

  • We help students to grow through personalized learning in a way that is best suited for them.

  • We share the joy of learning with our students and always accompany them in their efforts to learn.

  • We value our students' unique experiences in Singapore, and together we think about the future of Japan and the world.

Introduction of Study Advisor

DSC02650 2.jpg

Eishi Arioka

  • Mathematics teacher and career education designer at a private junior and senior high school in Tokyo for 6 years.

  • Japanese language teacher in Finland for 1 year.

  • Mathematics teacher, global class director, and ICT coordinator in the Japanese Secondary School, Singapore for 5 years.

  • Established the learning salon SELF in 2019

What can you do with SELF?

Mathematics individual study

Focusing on Math (Japanese, IGCSE, IB),

we support each growth with fully customized content.

Unity game programming

If you like games, why not make your own ​ game? We will support you to take the first step towards what you love.

Educational consultation

Please feel free to contact us via LINE about your concerns about learning, problems, choosing your career path, etc.

Joy of Thinking!

A special lesson on weekly world news.

Each student presents their pick-up news and discusses it.

LA (Learner Agency) Course

In five subjects, Japanese, mathematics, science, social studies, and English, students learn with ICT learning materials.

other things

Small group classes ​ and study abroad support in NZ.

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